Respirable Crystalline Silica Monitoring and Management

The Victorian Occupational Health and Safety Regulations and associated Compliance Codes have strict rules for those industries in which silica dust is a workplace hazard.

Crystalline Silica Monitoring

It is the responsibility of the employer at these workplaces to ensure all relevant controls are in place and audited appropriately to ensure worker safety and compliance with the relevant legislation.

In particular, for stonemasons where engineered stone product is used, amendments to the OHS Regulations require detailed silica control plans, engineered stone licences and bi-annual atmospheric monitoring.

Eva and Associates can assist employers by providing the following services:

  • Personal air monitoring for respirable crystalline silica
  • Inspection of current workplace controls including wet cutting systems, recycled water systems, etc
  • Preparation and implementation of silica control plans
  • Assist in the application for engineered stone licences
  • Provide detailed occupational hygiene reports pertaining to all identified workplace hazards and review of control processes

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