Radiation Testing

The use of ionising and non-ionising radiation is common in medicine, education and industry, with various radioactive substances and radio frequency devices used.

Radiation Testing

Due to the inherent risk of exposure to some types of radiation it is important to properly manage radiation risk in the workplace.

Services Eva and Associates can provide in association with radiation risks include:

  • Measurement of electromagnetic radiofrequency radiation in accordance with Australian Standard AS/NZS 2772.2:2016
  • Evaluation of the test results compared with the relevant currently recognised Australian standards/guidelines (General Public limit specified in the ARPANSA RPS-3)
  • Recommendations and conclusions, as appropriate, based on the results obtained and site observations
  • Laser safety
  • Assessment of cabinet x-ray units
  • Review of radiation safety management plans
  • Provision of training for licensed operators that meets the equivalent of NSW Work Categories:
    Scientific & Research – for the following:

    • IA8: Use radiation apparatus for scientific or research purposes
    • S8: Use radioactive substances for scientific or research purposes

    Analytical – for the following:

    • IA5: Use radiation apparatus for analytical purposes
    • S5: Use radioactive substances for analytical purposes

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