Cooling Tower Risk Management Plans and Audits

The Public Health and Wellbeing Act 2008 (Vic) requires building owners to register their cooling towers, develop a Cooling Tower Risk Management Plan and have it audited by a cooling tower auditor. The principal and/or their delegate must ensure that risks associated with cooling towers are identified and controlled.

Eva and Associates can assist building owners in ensuring that their cooling tower systems are maintained at a high level and that, where appropriate, a comprehensive register of cooling tower systems is maintained. We can:

  • Prepare and implement a RMP for the effective maintenance of the system
  • Provide an approved Cooling Tower Auditor to conduct the annual audit of each RMP
  • Provide competent staff to complete inspections of cooling tower systems on the basis of risk assessment or information received through audits
  • Assist in an outbreak investigation service through the Department of Health

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