Mould Testing and Bacteria Sampling

Sampling for Mould & Bacteria can address certain questions:

Why Mould Testing Matters: A Chat with Eva & Associates

Have you ever walked into a room and felt like something wasn’t quite right? Maybe you couldn’t see it, but there was a niggling suspicion that something hidden was causing a fuss. Often, that silent invader is mould.

We’ve all heard of mould, and most of us have encountered it in some nook or cranny of our homes. But how do you really know the extent of its presence? That’s where the expertise of Eva & Associates comes in.

Tackling the Unseen

There are plenty of questions that might be swirling in your head:

  • Is there mould hiding behind this wall or that cupboard?
  • How bad could it possibly be?
  • Is that a mould stain or just a water spot?
  • And more importantly, what’s the quality of air I’m breathing in?

These aren’t just idle thoughts. Mould affects more than just the looks of your home or office. It’s a health matter. Breathing in mould spores could aggravate allergies or even lead to more serious respiratory issues, especially for those with weaker immune systems.

Eva & Associates: Your Friendly Mould Detectives

When it comes to sussing out this sneaky culprit, Eva & Associates are the experts you’d want on your side. They’ve got a couple of nifty tricks up their sleeves:

Good Old Laboratory Analysis: This is the classic method where they take samples from your place and analyze them in a lab. It’s like sending the mould off to be identified, giving you clarity on what’s lurking around.

The Mycometer™ Method: For when you’re itching to get results fast. This is a cool, quick method to assess mould presence in the air and on surfaces. It’s backed by the USEPA, so you know it’s legit.

And once they’ve tackled the mould, they also make sure the cleaned areas are genuinely clean with the help of ATP testing using a 3M Fluorometer.

Why Choose Eva & Associates?

Eva & Associates aren’t just about ticking boxes. They genuinely care. Their team dives deep into the complexities of mould, not just to spot it, but to guide you on what to do next. They cherish open conversations, ensuring you’re in the loop about what’s happening. Any doubts, worries, questions about mould? They’re your go-to folks.

Let’s Connect

Think there might be a mould problem lurking in your space? Or maybe you just want peace of mind that your surroundings are safe. Don’t hesitate. Give Eva & Associates a shout at (03) 9563 2234 or ping them an email at

In today’s world, health is more than just a buzzword—it’s a priority. Don’t let mould compromise that. Trust Eva & Associates to keep your space fresh and mould-free.