Audit and OHS Companies

Working with the professional team of experts at Identifibre, a quality endorsed company providing consultancy services in the field of asbestos and hazardous material management.

Fit testing of respiratory protective equipment

Eva and Associates are offering quantitative respirator fit testing for all workers, including healthcare and construction workers, who may be exposed to biological or other particulate contaminants, including COVID-19 and asbestos. For more information click here.

Keep your workforce safe with Eva & Associates quantitative respirator fit testing services for industrial workers.

We are recognised as a Preferred Fit Test Service Provider by the 3M PPE Fit Testing program.

Contact us to learn more about your eligibility for a subsidised fit test.

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Led by Certified Occupational Hygienist, Brian Eva, and Senior HSE Consultants, Cindy Innes and Michael Eva, our team are professionally qualified and experienced in the fields of occupational hygiene, health and safety, health education, hazardous materials (incl. asbestos), toxicology and the environment.

Our Philosophy

Firmly committed to developing and maintaining standards of excellence well in advance of general industry standards, ensuring your company’s Safety, Health and Environment (SHE) program reflects industry trends and legislative change.

Audit and OHS Companies

About Eva & Associates

Eva & Associates have been renowned leaders in consultancy services for

Audit and OHS Companies

In the realm of Audit and OHS Companies, Eva & Associates stands as a paragon of excellence, trust, and expertise. Among the trailblazers in the domain of occupational safety and health, they’ve built an esteemed reputation for both national and Asia Pacific territories over three decades.

Legacy of Excellence in Audit and OHS Companies

With a solid foundation rooted in commitment, proficiency, and integrity, Eva & Associates has relentlessly furthered the cause of Audit and OHS Companies, driving industry-wide advancements in occupational hygiene and safety. For over 30 years, they have seamlessly bridged the chasms between compliance, safety, and operational efficiency, creating workplaces that prioritize safety without compromising productivity.

Changes in industry dynamics, regulatory frameworks, and evolving workplace challenges over the last three decades have been numerous. Yet, in the backdrop of all these shifts, Eva & Associates has been a beacon for Audit and OHS Companies, guiding them through turbulent waters and ensuring workplaces aren’t just compliant but are also bastions of safety and security.

Unwavering Focus on Audit and OHS Companies

The specialized nature of the auditing and OHS sectors demands a sophisticated approach. And who better than Eva & Associates to provide that? Their deep-rooted industry expertise, commitment to continuous learning, and adaptability have been invaluable to myriad Audit and OHS Companies. Their dedication to ensuring these companies remain compliant and knowledgeable about best practices is unparalleled.

Navigating the intricate web of regulations, adapting to the ever-shifting standards, and understanding the profound implications of a misstep in the OHS sector showcases their prowess. They recognize that a slip in this arena isn’t merely about regulatory repercussions but could lead to profound human costs. Eva & Associates takes this responsibility seriously, striving tirelessly to prevent such setbacks.

Eva & Associates: Pillars in the World of Audit and OHS Companies

The heart and soul of this renowned firm lies in its people. Brian Eva, a Certified Occupational Hygienist, stands as the linchpin, his profound industry insights and problem-solving capabilities driving the firm’s growth. Joining him in this quest are Senior HSE Consultants, Cindy Innes and Michael Eva. Their combined acumen covers occupational hygiene, health education, and the meticulous handling of hazardous materials, such as asbestos.

Together, this dynamic team, supported by other adept professionals, ensures that Eva & Associates consistently ranks top amongst Audit and OHS Companies.

Expansive Expertise Beyond Just Audit and OHS Companies

While Eva & Associates’ contribution to Audit and OHS Companies is monumental, their expertise is multifaceted. They possess a profound understanding of toxicology, environmental factors, and the finer details of health and safety.

Their holistic approach ensures clients reap comprehensive benefits. Whether it’s demystifying toxicological complexities or championing environmental stewardship, Eva & Associates emerges as the trusted partner for all.

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Frequent changes in workplace and environmental standards requires that all employers have up to date knowledge of the requirements outlined by legislation and their organisation’s Safety, Health and Environment (SHE) management system, and that employees are competent for the tasks they perform. To ensure your organisation is compliant with current legislation and adheres to a comprehensive SHE management system, OHS and environmental training may be required.


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