Cooling Tower Risk Management Plan Audits


Factory plants require cooling towers as a means of regulating heat of working machinery by extracting waste heat to the atmosphere via the cooling of a water stream to a lower temperature. Most commonly, cooling towers provide cooled water for air-conditioning, manufacturing and electric power generation. 

Inadequate maintainence of cooling tower systems can lead to the development and increased growth of Legionella, potentially causing an outbreak of Legionnaire’s disease. As such, property owners, plant managers and the like need to ensure stringent cooling tower audits and risk management plans are in place within the work site in order to ensure risk of Legionella growth within the system is minimised.

Eva & Associates Pty Ltd have a fully accredited cooling tower risk management auditor (with the Victorian Department of Health), who can provide your organisation with a comprehensive cooling tower system risk management plan audit to maintain compliance with the Public Health and Well-being Regulations 2009.

Eva & Associates can also assist with a risk management plan including review of existing risk management controls and communication/management plans.

In addition, we can also provide water sampling and analysis services to ensure safe levels of bacteria and other materials are maintained, as well as provide a framework to govern training and risk management protocols that meet legislative requirements under the Public Health and Well-being Regulations 2009. 

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