Eva and Associates can supply you with a range of site safety equipment, including:
  • Safety cabinets
  • Safety cans
  • Safety showers
  • Eyewash units
  • Spill containment
  • Facility Protection
  • Storm water management


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Spill Pallets and Work Stations

2 Drum Workstation

(also available in 4 & 6)

In-Line Poly-Spill Pallet 3000

You'll be surprised how much new space you'll be able to find around the plant floor when you start storing drums on the In-Line Poly Spillpallet 3000. Start storing in-line near the wall, between columns, and in all those spaces you thought were unusable...until now.

2 Drum Poly-Spill Pallet 2000

Protect employees and prevent costly clean ups by keeping overflows and spills off the floor and in the Poly-Spillpallet 2000 where they can be easily recovered. This secondary containment product is engineered the rigours of today's regulatory environment.

Spill Kits

Large Mobile Spill Kits

The Large Mobile Emergency spill kit is designed for ease of mobility around the workplace. The 240 litre mgb transports spill control products quickly to the spill site and can carry 150 kilograms of waste material.

Attack Pac TM

Efficient, space saving, single use kit packed in puncture and UV resistant foil bag. Hang anywhere from grommet or Attack Pac rack. Capable of absorbing 27litres/kit.


         15 pads (41 x 51cm)

         3 SOC’s (7.6 x122cm)

Polypropylene Sorbents

General Purpose Maintenance

GP General Purpose maintenance pads and rolls can be used to clean up virtually any liquid. GP is gray in colour to help hide the dirt. GP Sorbents are basic, universal products that perform well and are more competitively priced.


Dependable flexible tubes that contain and absorb liquids , helping to  maintain clean and safe work environments. SOC's mold around corners and conform to uneven surfaces to prevent and soak up spills and drips. These products are available in a variety of types and sizes.

Pillow - Slikwik, Allwik and Hazwick

Absorbent Slikwik pillows meet a variety of clean up and safety needs. Frequently combined with drip pans, these pillows are excellent for absorbing spills and leaking fluids in tight spaces.

Organic Sorbents

Absorbent W.

Instantly absorbs and retains hydrocarbons (oil-based liquids) while repelling water - even when saturated. Hydrocarbons are absorbed into the cellulose fibres and do not leach or drain, making them ideal for the clean-up of oil-based liquids on or near water.  

Absorbent GP (General Purpose)

Comes in particulate, pillows, socks, natural fibre pads, natural fibre rolls, and barrel tops. Absorbent GP™ absorbs all types of liquids on contact (except for full-strength inorganic acids and caustic solutions).



Contains, controls and picks up unwanted liquid spills, and removes sheen from floors, work surfaces and driveways. It is an alternative to mineral-base products such as clay and diatomaceous earth.


Spill-Sorb™ contains, controls, and cleans up floor spills around the plant, shop, home, and garage. It is made from 100% reclaimed cellulose fibres that absorb liquids of all kinds on contact - including oils, solvents, water-based liquids, colorants and non-aggressive chemicals.


The Slikstopper is designed to fit over stormwater drains, grates and manholes in the event of a liquid spill, thereby preventing pollutants from entering waterways.


Standard Cabinets

  • Galvanised steel shelves, adjustable on 12cm centres, support 160 kg
  • Internal and External welded construction with 3.8cm air space
  • 5cm raised leakproof sill
  • 5cm vents with fire baffles and caps
  • Ground connection